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Share Your Story!

For 125 years, the historical Memorial Opera House has been where the arts create community, a place where people come together. You are part of our history and we would like to hear and share stories about your experiences at the Opera House. Whether it be your wedding, a concert you loved, a fundraiser you attended, the first time you were cast or participated in one of our theatre productions, or any memorable occasion that touched your life, please tell us about it!

Be Part Of Our History

Stories that you share with us will become part of our historical story.  We have dedicated pages on our website to memorialize your stories about your experiences at Memorial Opera House! 

Story Guidelines

We've created an online form for you to submit your stories. Just follow the the instructions below.

Writing Tips

Tell us about the event.
Tell us when it happened
Tell us why it was important to you personally.
Don't share anything that you don't want everyone to know.
Use proper grammar and punctuation.
Be sure to spell correctly.
No profanity.
Keep your story under 1000 characters (not words), including spaces. The online form will not allow any characters over the 1000 limit.
We suggest that you write your story in Word, perform a grammar and spell check, then do a CHARACTER count to assure that you do not exceed the 1000 character maximum. You can then copy/past the story into the online form.

Photos Are Welcome!

You can even submit a photo to accompany your story. 
We can only use photos that you took yourself. We cannot use photos taken from other sources or that does not belong to you.
If your photo includes other people, you might want to ask them in advance if it is ok for their picture to be made public...because it will.
Please DO NOT submit a photo that includes minor children unless you are the parent or legal guardian of the minor children in the photo.

Memorial Opera House Story & Photo Release Form

Included in the online story submission form is a Memorial Opera House Story & Photo Release Form that you will have to complete.  You will not be able to submit your story until you give your legal consent. 

Ready To Submit Your Story & Photo?

The submission is a two step process.

Step One: Submit Your Story 

CLICK HERE to use our online form to submit your story.

Step Two: Submit Your Photo

To submit a photo to accompany your story, you will need to email the photo to
Please be sure to include your name and date that your story was submitted!

Publishing Your Stories

We will do our best to publish your story within four to five business days. You can CLICK HERE to go to the Your Stories page on our website!