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Non Profit Venue Rental - Memorial Opera House

Max Occupancy 352


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Addl Sound/Lighting Technician (Per Hour, Per Day) ($20.00 Add-on)
  3. Auditorium Seating-Balcony Level
  4. Auditorium Seating-Street Level
  5. Auditorium-Balcony Level
  6. Auditorium-Street Level
  7. Baby Grand Piano (Per Day) ($400.00 Add-on)
  8. Box Office
  9. Chairs-10 Included
  10. Chairs-Additional (Each) ($2.00 Add-on)
  11. Digital Keyboard & Amplifier (Per Day) ($25.00 Add-on)
  12. Dressing Rooms (2)-Lower Level
  13. East Lobby Room ($50.00 Add-on)
  14. Klemz Lounge-Upper Level ($100.00 Add-on)
  15. Lobby
  16. Make Up Room-Lower Level
  17. Microphone-Wired (Each Per Day) ($10.00 Add-on)
  18. Microphone-Wireless (Each Per Day) ($20.00 Add-on)
  19. Online Ticketing Service
  20. Prop Room-Lower Level
  21. Rental Fee: Non Profit Events ($750.00 Add-on)
  22. Restroom-Balcony Level
  23. Restroom-Lower Level
  24. Restrooms-Street Level
  25. Sound & Lighting
  26. Stage Monitors (Each Per Day) ($20.00 Add-on)
  27. Tables-1 Included
  28. Tables-Additional (Each) ($5.00 Add-on)
  29. Water
Our recently redecorated 352 seat auditorium provides you with ample seating in a warm, comfortable and iconic setting. 

The $500 per day rental fee includes the stage*, first floor auditorium seating, balcony level seating, lobby, box office, lobby restrooms, balcony restroom, lower level** bathroom, 2 dressing rooms, prop room and make-up room, online ticketing service and sound & lighting. Please note that any special sound or lighting requirements may result in additional charges.  Optional items and costs are listed above. Additional space in the East Lobby and Klemz Lounge are also for additional fees. Only the street level is ADA accessible, the Balcony and Lower Levels are not.

Bar service is NOT included in the costs listed above. No outside beverages are allowed. The Memorial Opera House provides a wide variety of bar service packages. Our staff will work with you to choose a bar package that fits your needs and budget. CLICK HERE for more information about our bar service packages.

Are you ready to get started with your event planning? The first step is to complete and submit an online Request For Proposal (RFP). The RFP will provide us with the additional information we need to determine dates(s) availability and estimated costs. Within three business days of the submission of the RFP, our staff will contact you to discuss the options you have chosen, other services or options that you may desire, and to answer any questions. After this follow up discussion,we will prepare an estimate for you. Please note that submitting and RFP does NOT guarantee date availability or costs. It is simply a tool that we use to get your event planning started. So, if you are ready to begin, CLICK HERE to complete and submit your RFP.

Payment Of Fees:
Rental, technical and equipment fees: 50% of the total rental expense is due at the time of reservation, which serves as a reservation deposit. The remaining 50% is due at least 14 calendar days prior to the beginning date of the reservation.

Additional Fees: If any additional fees are to be charged at the end of the time period the facility is rented (i.e. additional time booked, damages occurred, service fees incurred), the User will be presented, by mail, a complete breakdown of the additional fees.  These additional charges must be paid within 30 calendar days of the date the letter was sent, or the User may be restricted on future booking opportunities.

*If the facility is rented during an off-night in the midst of a theater production run, the stage may be available ONLY in front of the red stage curtain. The organization in charge of the theatre production will be responsible for moving any sets, flats, props or other stage gear involved in the theatre production behind the stage curtain at the end of their last performance prior to the next off-night use of the facility and will be give at least one week notice of such a need.